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CULTURE MAKER - The Young Dads Guide To Leadership

Learn the 7 strategies every dad needs to lead where it matters — the stuff your dad wasn't taught but you need to know.

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Whether you’re married, separated, divorced or de facto —

We can all lead where it matters

Not every leader is a dad — but all dads are called to lead. We get a lot of things wrong. Whilst some things can't be fixed, we can all create environments where people flourish — that's what Leading Where It Matters is all about.

Hi, i'm Mike Edwards, I have 6 kids, and i've fostered 37 more — based on the maths alone, I’ve probably made more parenting mistakes then most.

My wife and I also run a charitable trust that helps young families.

That charity, serves predominantly young mums — whereas Leading Where It Matters, is for dads, young and old.


Leading Where It Matters is for you if:

    • You want to lead well at work — and home

    • You're not a perfect dad — but you have high standards for yourself and pursue excellence
    • You want to lead — even when you feel disqualified
    • You want to grow a business, and follow your dream — but also give your kids enough time

    • You'd benefit from weekly inspiration in your inbox — or via youtube and podcast


In addition to leading our charity, I’m also the CEO of Flare Fires

I know what it’s like to carry the burden of a business — along-side worrying I’m not spending enough time with my kids.

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We all want things to be better

That’s why leaders lead

To be a parent is to be a leader, and the great news is — the very best leadership principles have very good application at home.

Leading Where It Matters is dedicated to helping dads lead well at home, and work.

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